Dragon Lady - Ventura CA(308-WC)Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir - New York City(366-WC)2105v2.jpgManhattan Skyline from The Pond in Central Park - New York City(368-WC)2183.jpgPalm Springs Fine Art Gallery_8767-WC-V3.jpgSalton Sea Yatch Club - Salton Sea CA(372-WC)8604.jpg1931 Essex in Fillmore CA(359-WC)A Walk on the Beach - Point Mugu CA(355-WC)Another Swell Day at Rincon - Carpinteria CA(391-WC)Bixby Creek Bridge - Big Sur CA(362-WC)Boys on the Beach - Malibu CA(357-WC)Buenaventura Mission - Ventura CA(316-WC)Carpinteria Bougainvillea - CA(375-WC)Carpinteria Daisies No.25 - CA(377-WC)Carpinteria Daisies No.27 - CA(378-WC)Carpinteria Daisies No.36 - CA(379-WC)Carpinteria Daisies No.39 - CA(380-WC)Carpinteria Daisies No.56 - CA(382-WC)Carpinteria Daisies No.6 - CA(376-WC)Carpinteria DaisiesNo.54 - CA(381-WC)Carpinteria Sunflower - CA(383-WC)Carpinteria Sunflower V2 - CA(384-WC)Channel Islands Marina - CA(363-WC)Channel Islands Sunset - Ventura CA(364-WC)Chillin at Paradise Cove - Malibu CA(356)Four Palms - Palm Springs CA(385-WC)Gilroy Cornfield Watercolor - Gilroy CA(365-WC)Heritage Tomatoes Still Life(360-WC)Low Tide Asilomar - Pacific Grove CA(367-WC)Marilyn in Palm Springs CA(361-WC)McWay Falls - Big Sur CA(369-WC)Poppy Ranch - Antelope Valley CA(371-WC)Rhapsody in Green - Los Angeles CA(386-WC)Salton Sea Herron No. 30 - CA(387-WC)Salton Sea Herron No. 79 - CA(388-WC)Salton Sea Herron No. 97 - CA(389-WC)Santa Paula Stock Flowers - Briggs Road Santa Paula CA(319-WC)Santa Paula Western Tiger Swallowtail -CA(390-WC)Venice Boats - Italy(373-WC)Ventura Bay from Grant Park - Ventura CA(374-WC)